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Appeal to the Polish nationalists

Russian Imperial Movement

Appeal to the Polish nationalists in connection with the events that occurredduring “The Independence March” in Warsaw
on November 11, 2013

Russian nationalists are closely monitoring the resistance of the white Europe and they salute to the rise of the national spirit of Europeans, which is expressed among others things, through demonstrations and other political activities of nationalist and far-right organizations, such as the “Independence March” in Warsaw.

However, we are concerned about anti-Russian provocations that have taken place during the “Independence March” on November 11, 2013. We regret that the Poles still perceive us as enemies and equate Russians with the communists and Russia with the Soviet Union.

Nationalists in Russia are currently fighting for the creation of a national Russian state and Russians do not want to invade Poland or anyone else. On the contrary, today we have common enemies, that is a Zionist and Islamist globalism. They seek to enslave our people, destroy our traditional cultural and religious values, populate our countries with Asian immigrants. These forces want to set at variance and destroy the firmest strongholds of Slavic Christianity, that is Catholic Poland and Orthodox Russia.

We therefore call on the Polish nationalists to forget about the historical feuds and old conflicts, to give up anti-Russian and Russophobic rhetoric and think about cooperation and joint fight for common goals.

Polish activists have appeared with slogans of Russian-Polish friendship at the Russian nationalists’ rally on November 4, 2013, in Moscow ( We encourage you to follow their example!

Russian Imperial Movement,

Russian nationalist organization

Saint–Petersburg, Russia

P.S. We also offer you an interview that Russian Imperial Movement’s coordinator for international relations gave to the web-portal of Organization of Polish Monarchists:

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