Wywiad z Argentum
Argentum is military/power electronics project from Argentina, inspired by integral traditionalism and other influences.

Heilige! When did you start Argentum and who is now responsible for this project?
Argentum started its work on August, 2005. About the responsibles, in Argentum we consider that the author's individualities are not relevant for our art. So we don't give names.

What equimpent do you use to create music? Are you able to play live?
Usually we use a notebook, a couple of microphones, a mixer, guitars, steel artifacts, and pedals... We have played live up to 15 or 20 times as I can remember...and we really love it.

It seems that you are interested in power electronics / noise genre as much as in neoclassical / martial music. Why do you find these harsh sounds interesting and useful? Do you consider chaotic noise as a kind of "purification" or "katharsis"?
Yes. Argentum isn't a static project...so we like to search allways new and intense ways to express us. We don't think about genres, but in what we want to tell throug sound. Some people think that martial and noise/power electronics can't fit in one project, but we don't care.
And yes, noise and harsh sounds are deeply cathartic for us, a concrete way to dismember our minds and be really free for a moment. m.

You are strongly interested in integral traditionalism. Why is that so? Do you think that philosophy of Evola, Guenon, Schuon etc. is a right and suitable answer for the problems of modernity?
We are very influenced from Julius Evola writings, and from F. Nietzsche too... But we think that traditionalism isn't the only answer to the modern world, we also are very influenced by Marinetti's futurism, anarchists like Hakim Bey, Troy southgate or Hans Cany, and situasionists like Guy debord...We believe and support all types of counter-culture action.

What is your opinion about so called "neo-paganism"? It seems that you are interested in various "occult" themes, vide pieces like "Saturn-gnosis"...
The nowadays paganism is insteresting sometimes and sometimes not. It depends. But we are interested in chaos magic mostly...and in all type of psicological action through symbols.

What is your opinion about Christianity, especcialy about catholic traditionalist movements like FSSPX or sedevacantists?
We are againts all type of authoritarian and monoteists beliefs. And catholic traditionalists...mmm.... they're too much conservative. We sincerely don't find nothing positive on christianity.

Ciąg dalszy...

You've put one of your songs on the "Military Fetish Muzak" compilation, edited by polish net-label Kaos Ex Machina. Could you tell us more about this? How did you contact with Kaos Ex Machina?
We contacted Michael from "Heiliges Licht" who has organized the compilation, and simmply we sent our track ("Imperium"). We have no direct contact with Kaos ex Machina, but we really like their work and releases. Probably in the future we'll send them one demo and see what happens.

What about industrial/neofolk scene in South America? Are there any projects? There is Der Arbeiter in Chile - do you know him? And I heard something about Argentinean band Reynols, but they are not "martial" in any way, it is rather an experimental/noise/avantgarde band.
There are a lot of bands and projects from southamerica that we like...Goethia Orator, Eye noise project, VII Batallon de la muerte, Teratocarcinoma, ORSA, etc. You can find links to this bands on our myspace profile (http://www.myspace.com/argentumvvv).
We've listened to Der Arbeiter, great music, but we've never talk directly to him. And about reynolds they're a great experimental/noise band, jejeje, we love their music.

Why did you use "Salo. 120 days of Sodoma" in one of your videos? Do you think that we should explore such dark side of humanity?
Simply because it's a great movie, and its images are full of hatred and "disgusting" feelings. This dark side is part of us,like all the shit...of this world.

What are your main musical inspirations? Do you listen to classical european music (I ask you, because a lot of your stuff is "neo-classical" and monumental)?
I think that Throbbing gristle and vagina dentata organ mostly, and a long long list from neofolk and power electronics artists. We don't listen to classical music. Our martial and neoclassical sounds are more influenced by HERR, The protagonist, Triarii, Storm of capricorn, etc.

Tell us something about your plans for nearest future.
Soon will be out our martial cd called "Lucha y Memoria", in an USA label called "Label 56". Now, we are recording and finishing a new cd release for the german label "Skull line"... and looking for a label to release another exclusively martial album. Also we are willing to publish some experimental-avantgarde works on netlabels. It will be matter of time!

Thank you a lot for this interview! And sorry for our poor english..