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Christus natus est nobis

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It is our pleasure to send best Christmas wishes to His Majesty Francis II, King of England, Scotland, Ireland and Bavaria. In this unique time, we keep in our minds legitimists of the Three Kingdoms and the Kingdom of Bavaria. All our friends living abroad have their place in our hearts. We hope that Jesus Christ, the new-born Child, the King Almighty will take care of you and thanks to His favour you will persist in being a testimony to a Divine mission of Lord. We strongly believe that future in all areas of your activity will bear fruit of quiet and harmony. And the prudence, wisdom and virtue accompany you for all days of 2012.

May the peace and happiness of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year.

Best wishes from all editorial staff of the Site

and members of Organization of Polish Monarchists

Gaudeamus! Christus natus est!

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