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Counterrevolution by Adrian Nikiel

Norbert Wójtowicz

Born in 1973 in Wroclaw Adrian Nikiel since 1989 has engaged in strong right-wing activity. In November of 1989 he was a establisher of Polish Monarchist Organisation (OMP). In the beginning of nineties he was a member of Club of Friends of „National Word”. Since May of 1992 he has been a publisher and editor of journal „Royalist”. In this year he was admitted to membership of the Presidium of National-Radical Union. In June of 1994 OMP was a co-establisher of Polish Monarchist Society; Adrian Nikiel is now the president of this organisation. Because of contemporary political reality in Poland the chance for monarchism OMP watches in coming to power of Real Politics Union (UPR) and realisation of political and economical programme of this party. From this way of thinking was born a decision of engaging in 1989 in activity of this party and staying a full member in 1991.

Adrian Nikiel in his pronouncements underlines sometimes that he is a monarchist, but more often he uses term „national conservatism”. He marks, that for national conservatists „authority is integral understanded tradition. All changes must be consistent with it; they can't be effect of abstract visions of any individual. The best changes are that, which happens without human intervention, have partial and concrete character. That's why conservatists of all ages mad idea of revolution is strange. Classical conservatism was enriched by new elements in first half of XX (twentieth) century”.

Political and economical changes in Poland after 1989 are usually called as a revolution, especially by polish and world mass media. Because „term 'revolution' consists of radical changes 'on left'” Adrian Nikiel is strong against using it. He underlines, that contemporary events, comparing with 1989 „have clear, but officially suppressed, right-wing tendency”. Simultaneously he says „unfortunately, processes happened in Poland in nineties couldn't be called as counterrevolution”. He stresses, that by his point now „we are in state of suspension, because natural, freedom tendency of the nation are suppressed by pseudo-elites of communists roots”. So he writes: „Years 1989-1990 it's a time of stopping the polarisation of standpoints and desperate trail saving 'post-round-table' communism. Later fight from strictly economical area was moved to the parliament forum. Next signs are: left-wing pro-abortion campaign, taxes not consisent with Laffer's curve, stopping of lustration process, holding up re-privatisation on all ways, pseudo-privatisation and continuos fight against Church. The only party, which consistently fights against those events is Real Politics Union. Another parties, which called themselves ”right-wing„, are them only in small percent (and those, which are really right-wing, are only out-parliament margin). So that's why we can't speak about counterrevolution (on the state level). Real is only lack of will of changes and officially supported, convenient for left-wing elites, political, economical and moral chaos. Present rulers of Poland, usurpatous establishment, incessantly confirms, that democracy is worst, creating mediocrities and totalitarian system.”

In his outlook on Poland Adrian Nikiel notices need of very strong changes — „Taking over power, full power, will stay our duty”. Answering the question of its form he uses existing in between wars period among national groups, conception of „Great Poland”. At the same time he underlines necessity of existence of „Catholic State of Polish Nation, in which strong and hereditary authority would act, using God's Law”. Adrian Nikiel is adherent of integrism (?), so think that „Church in Poland have to come back to old Faith and Tradition, and then it will stay really ally in Fight for Catholic State”. After Vaticanum II Church is not for him suitable partner for co-building of true counter-revolution.

Next problem is economical order. So he writes: „In the twenty first century we have to come with shaped system of liberal capitalism”. For it „we have to throw away socialism once for ever, using even law guarantees”, while often „spectre of 'third way' bewitched people, who calls themselves as 'right-wingers'”. Adrian Nikiel warries, that „not to all have come the truth, that neither prosperity nor private property are contradictory to God's word. Economy based on Christian rules and natural law can be only liberal economy”. Possibility of necessary changes in economics he find only „with existing continuity of authority (that's means regency or hereditary monarchy). Freedom of creating, economical freedom should be base of freedom in the Kingdom”.

Talking about necessary changes in Poland Adrian Nikiel underlines: „Re-privatisation is basic thing, if counter-revolution in Poland should get support from people, and to stay faithful to holy, conservatives principles”. Re-privatisation have to precede privatisation, because „other order would lead to ordinary selling of things, which were stolen by communistic government; immobilities and movables would be selling to not informed customer in complexity of possession rights”. It should be clearly declared, that re-privatisation have to include all seized property and there should be no exceptions. Answering the arguments from left-wing that „state had invested, so the owner should return this costs, and we can't return the big industry etc.” Adrian Nikiel stresses „It's obvious nonsense, because fundamental duty of thieve is returning of for example a car, even if he had made, on his own cost, bar, satellite dish and bullet-proof glasses. But don't expect logic from left-wing…”.

There is no possibility carrying out counterrevolution without definition of speed and method of performing changes. To think about himself as conservatists Adrian Nikiel prefer evolutionary way, but simultaneously he says: „we have to distinguish evolution from criminal negligence”. But changes of some law acts for example the penal code or constitution can't perform by gradual, soft moves „changes, which should be carefully prepared on formal and executive side, should be performed during 'one night'”. So, in this context „we have to create complete, consistent projects of regulations, other law acts, executive orders, and first of all — constitution”. In conclusion he notes, that action like that is possible to perform only by right-wing dictatorship. So he says „we can't allow a long consultation, discussions in parliament, demonstrative trial of protests from left-wing. We have to strike once, but effectual. There is impossible to divorce with evil gradually”.

Indicating eventual forces of counterrevolution in Poland Adrian Nikiel underlines necessity of limiting work only to national-conservative movement. The best way for him is alliance of conservatists, paleo-libetarians and „blue nationalists”. Necessity of existing of counterrevolution is out of discussion, because „in every part of life in every moral way we have to go to restore of Latin civilisation”, which basic values are: Honour, Faithful, Courage, Generosity, Justice, Hierarchy and Authority. „In the result of effective performed counterrevolution there will be regain the basic balance, will exists the big group of people, who will stay the huge wall against coming back of communism” — he says.

Prelekcja wygłoszona na IXth International Students of History Association Conference „Revolution?!”, Helsinki 8-12 IV 1998

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